About Us

Fully finished terrain made for gamers, priced for gamers.

William & SarahWilliam & Sarah

Wizard Kraft Modular Terrain was started in 1999 as just a hobby business. Until last year that’s all it’s been. I just wanted to give gamers a good quality affordable finished terrain because for me it’s how the table looks, not whether I win or not. Recently I’ve decided to move to a full blown business so will be actively seeking to further my line of terrain.

Sarah and I live in the northwest in Idaho about 90 miles south of Canada. I originate from California and Sarah is from Vermont. She has been my right hand in the business since our Marriage 4 years ago. She helps me in every aspect from molding to finishing to selling. She is my gift from God as are my talents. I claim nothing for what I know to do, only through God’s grace and love do I have any ability in anything.

Romans 11:29 – “For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.

Our location is Coeur d’ Alene, ID. Ph: 208-691-9648.