Napoleonic battle in 6mm, Enfilade 2013

This is a Napoleonic fight with 6mm figures using 1" river sections with 1" road sections.

Warhammer Fantasy battle

28mm WH Fantasy figures using 4" River sections with 2" Road sections.

28mm World War II Skirmkish, Enfilade 2013

World War II skirmish battle displaying 4" river sections, 4" road sections & field sections of various sizes. The table mat used is a proto-type that will soon be offered.

Medieval Cavalry

28mm Medieval cavalry on the way to battle displaying 1" river sections

Vietnam Air Cavalry, Enfilad

28mm Vietnam Huey's crossing a jungle displaying 2" river sections and 2" road sections.

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On September 6nd we will be starting a Kickstarter to move from a garage hobby business to a full time professional business. This is to be able to expand our product line and facilitate better production times and processes to better serve the gaming community. We will post the link on this page when available. We appreciate all the support our customers have given us an ask that you back us in this expansion. Kickstarter Location list below.

**  Kickstarter  **

We are happy to announce that we are working to improve our quality and ability to server our customers. We will not have the shopping cart open from September 6, 2016 to October 6, 2016 as we present a Kickstarter to enhance our production and move into a full time professional business.  Kickstarter Link:

New Product

There will be some new items in the future resulting from the kickstarter. First, we will be offering unfinished product. Then we will be adding play mats, more coastal beach items, river accessories, forest kits, more cobblestone roads, paved roads, Roleplay / Skirmish  dungeon tiles, and anything else we can come up with or you can suggest.

Terrain Durability

Wizard Kraft terrain is flexible yet won’t shrink or curl or crack. The pieces should be stored in a flat position, but normally will return to it’s original shape when laid out. There will soon be a repair kit offered to correct any damage to the surface.


Wizard Kraft stands by it’s product. Any terrain purchased that has a defect other than from normal use will be replaced with the return of the defective piece. Contact us for any questions.